this is sleeper's face.

this is sleeper's face.

Benjamin Adase

known to the world as sleeper.

hey, dude. i started doing graphic design in 2012, as i discovered the joys of writing music. i needed album artwork, and, as the musician who wrote the work, i had the best idea of what image each of my pieces conveyed.

time passed, and i gradually learned to expand my deep awareness of the imagery hidden in music to music that i hadn't written myself. to this day, album artwork design is my favorite to do, and it always will be.

along the way, though, i also started working with logos: simple, clean forms that have to imprint everything a company (or musician) stands for into a viewer's mind in a split second. logo design is another delicate, precise art, and another i can proudly say i have a handle on.

as a person on the autism spectrum, i tend to get very very focused on what i do, and i can promise to use this trait to create the best piece of design you'll find anywhere. if you'd like to commission me, please use the commissions page for quotes on album art, logos, t-shirts, business cards, brochures, flyers, and whatever else you might need.